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CONO Service

Cono industry is devoted to providing high-quality products and service in induction heating field for users. We will guarantee the continuous improvement in productivity, quality conformance and reliable operation of user equipment through service.

Plant service

  • Induction heating technology consulting
  • Technical proposal and the configuration design
  • Customized IGBT variable frequency induction heating and smelting equipment complex
  • Domestic customization of high-end overseas induction heating production line
  • Induction heating and smelting equipment energy saving system solution
  • Equipment test and performance evaluation
  • Imported equipment repair and maintenance.
  • Induction heating application technology and maintenance training

Field service

  • Field investigation for equipment
  • Technical guidance for equipment installation and pilot run
  • Preventative diagnosis and maintenance for equipment
  • Emergency service for field

Upgrade service

  • Replace the overseas power supply to lower the users’ operation costs.
  • Replace the old-fashioned power supply and improve the technical level and processing ability
  • Newly upgrade the old equipment and develop multi-specification / multi-variety / multi-field application
  • Increase equipment utilization rate
  • Customized systemic upgrading and updating
  • Control system upgrading
  • Ensure the comprehensive performance improvement after upgrading

Installation / commissioning

  • Guide to install correctly according to the specification
  • Installation / commissioning quality inspection
  • Ensure correct start-up and pilot run
  • Ensure the qualified equipment performance output
  • Complete field safety specification
  • Precisely find reasons for the equipment failure and timely solve the site failure
  • Equipment operation guidance and training

Maintenance / spare parts

  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Replacement and repair of parts