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Current Location:Product Center > IGBT low-frequency power

Fully automatic and intelligent IGBT low-frequency induction power supply

  • Technical parameters: 100KW-800KW, 10HZ-100HZ, power factor>0.92.
  • Application fields: District heating of nonferrous metals¡¢heating of semisolid metal¡¢Electromagnetic stirring¡¢Large diameter billet steel/ steel bar diathermy¡¢Heat treatment of large diameter pressure roll.

Function characteristics£º

  • The power cell adopted modular design, Random combination£¬Seamless integrated into existing production line.

  • High production efficiency, Rapid heating, Ultra-high precision of temperature control, uniform heating.

  • low energy efficiency.

  • User-defined temperature curves.

  • High power factor£¨>0.92£©.

  • Single/ Multi -output.

  • Uniphase/ Polyphase output.

  • Air/Water-cooled to choose.