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Fully automatic and intelligent IGBT high-frequency induction heating power supply

  • Technology level: 50kW-400kW, 50kHz-200kHz, power factor>0.95.
  • Application fields: high-frequency quenching

Type selection instructions

  • Based on the distinct differences between IGBT high-frequency power supply and valve power supply technology level and the properties, IGBT high-frequency selection takes the quenching depth and profile modeling distribution required by users, rather than the frequency of traditional valve power supply as the technical parameter.

Product summary

  • Nowadays, along with the development trend of the international high-frequency induction heating technology, the mainstream choice is IGBT variable frequency and variable load high-frequency power supply whereas the valve power supply as the equipment with low energy efficiency and low technology has already been obsolete. There are still large amounts of valve powers in China because there haven’t been any breakthroughs in domestic IGBT high-frequency technology, and the overseas IGBT high-frequency power supply is expensive with so expensive costs for the operation of imported equipment that normal users cannot afford.

  • Successful development of CONO IGBT variable frequency variable load high-frequency power supply fills the gap of the induction heating in China in high-frequency technology, which makes Cono become the unique company able to research, develop and produce 200KHZ high-frequency IGBT power supply.

  • Taking the induction heating power supply with power of 100kW required by workpieces as the example to compare power consumption of valve type and IGBT type induction heating power supplies. Calculate according to operation for 300 days annually in average, for 16 hours at two shifts per day (the effective heating period is 8 hours), which means operation for 2,400 hours for a whole year, in addition to the electric charge of RMB 1.00 per Kw•h. Cono IGBT high-frequency power supply saves 50% power than the traditional valve type power supply. [unit mass energy consumption index (kw•h/t)]