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IGBT variable frequency one for multi-induction smelting equipment (multi-power supply)

  • Application fields: medium frequency induction smelting, medium frequency induction heat preservation, modeling automatic production line (continuous induction smelting) and vacuum smelting, etc. Caststeel, castiron smelting, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and copper alloy smelting, etc.
  • Constitution of equipment complex: digital high-power IGBT series-connected variable frequency induction power supply, operation console (industrial touch panel or industrial personal computer + Siemens PLC), coreless induction furnace, capacitor cabinet, cooling system and mechanical device, etc.
  • Performance indicators: melting rate, productivity, power consumption and equipment utilization rate all reach the international advanced level.

Technical characteristics

  • CONO digital high-power IGBT series-connected variable frequency induction power supply has achieved the “domestically leading and internationally advanced level as regards its core technology”.

  • Variable frequency/variable load self-adaption: from the preliminary period to completion of smelting, the changes in the load in the induction smelting furnace are quite huge and there may be no load in the furnace. CONO variable frequency power supply has the functions of variable frequency/variable load self-adaption, which makes the matching state perfect between the power supply and the electric furnace, including the no-load operation, which the traditional induction smelting furnace fails to realize.

  • Power automatic adjustment: stepless adjustment ranging from 10% to 100%. The power and the temperature of CONO fully-automatic digital IGBT variable frequency induction heating power supply have a strong linkage, which by mean of the power and temperature automatic adjustment and control system can achieve precise and stable control of heating temperature.

  • Under any temperature (cold state/thermal state) and any load (with load/no load), the successful rate of start-up is 100%.

  • Advanced temperature control technology: the outstanding cooperation between the advanced performance of CONO variable frequency power supply full-automatic digitalization and the built-in intelligent control system can assist the technical personnel in precisely monitoring the technical parameters of the induction smelting furnace to achieve and store the optimal temperature control technical standard for call. When temperature of the furnace charges reaches the requirement, artificial temperature judgment is not required, because the intelligent control system is able to automatically lower output power of the variable frequency power supply to the power for heat preservation and then remind the operator of temperature satisfying the requirement.

  • Variable frequency one for two-induction configuration (double power supply): under the condition of not exceeding the rated power, any switch handover is not required. One set of power supply shall supply power continuously to two sets of electric furnaces at the same time and the output power shall be randomly distributed at these furnaces. There is a stepless adjustment for the power distribution (the stepless adjustment range of 10%-100%). Two sets of electric furnaces can realize one for smelting and the other for heat preservation, and continuous smelting and molten iron supply, which improves productivity in a large scale.

  • The automatic adjustment of frequency/load/power reaches high conformance with the smelting technical requirements: during the induction smelting process, CONO equipment is characterized by large power and low frequency during smelting and small power and high frequency during heat preservation. It fully satisfies the technical requirements including strong stirring power during smelting and weak stirring power during heat preservation.

  • High power factor: the full-power operation can be conducted from adding cold charges to the final complete smelting. No matter under the full-power output or very small output power, the power factor shall always stay more than 0.95 and additional power compensation device is not required for the high power factor.

  • Low harmonic interference: effective treatment of higher harmonics with 6-pulse/12-pulse/24-pulse.

  • High reliability/stability: it has the multi-functional safety alarm and intelligent protection systems for furnace leakage alarm and grounding protection, etc. Full-digital control technology is adopted and the control precision and functions are not affected by the environmental temperature and operation time, with high stability. IGBT trigger signals are transmitted through optical fiber, safe and reliable. Diode shall not be damaged forever with the IGBT topspeed protection technology.

  • Operational control system: users can randomly select remote-control (control room) or local control (control cabinet).

  • Industrial touch panel display and communicational interface: it precisely displays the power, voltage, current, frequency, temperature and other parameters in the operating state. Setting of operating parameters, operating state and failure monitoring are displayed in graphical interfaces with the standard configuration of the RS485 interface for industrial communications.

Furnace charge ignition protection and furnace leakage alarm

  • In addition to the improved protection function of CONO variable frequency induction smelting equipment, aiming at the induction smelting industry, the furnace charge ignition protection function is developed specially. When ignition occurs to charges in the induction furnace, the power supply will not switch off and get damaged.

Intelligent control system

  • Intelligent control system: an intelligent and customized operational monitoring system is based on the design of CONO digital platform. Based on the sophisticated management on the high energy consumption of the induction smelting industry, the energy management system specially developed by CONO is able to monitor and record the energy consumption of each furnace and total energy consumption in batches to effectively calculate and control the production costs.

  • Quality monitoring system and quality traceability function; real time monitoring/remote control of operating state; Failure self-diagnose/online display and treatment; technology customization and technical parameter control.


  • Variable frequency one for multi-induction application scheme (multi-power supply): based on the variable frequency/variable load self-adaption and automatic power adjustment of CONO power supply, the perfect solution for one for multi-induction can be provided. One set of power supply is able to drive multi-set of induction furnaces and not affected by capacity, power, temperature and frequency of each induction furnace. It can adapt to different smelting materials and technical requirements. Each furnace can stop independently at any time, not affecting the normal operation of other induction furnaces.