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IGBT variable frequency induction heat-treatment production line/induction quenching and high temperature tempering production line

  • Application fields: induction quenching and high temperature tempering production line, steel tube weld online annealing, stainless steel tube bright annealing, copper tube/aluminum tube continuous annealing, curved tube and tube end heating, tubular product quenching and high-temperature tempering, PC steel bar heat treatment, anti-corrosion coating treatment, tubular pile steel wire/sleeper wire/metal wrapping steel strip heat treatment, etc.
  • Constitution of equipment complex: digital high-power IGBT series-connected/parallel-connected variable frequency induction power supply, operation console (industrial touch panel or industrial personal computer + Siemens PLC), induction furnace, capacitor cabinet, intelligent control system, infrared thermometer, temperature closed-loop control system, cooling system and mechanical device, etc.
  • Performance indicator: processing range, productivity, quality conformance, power consumption, failure rate and equipment utilization rate all reach the international advanced level.

Technical characteristics

  • CONO has developed and supplied tshe first set of full-automatic digital IGBT variable frequency induction power supply in China, and is the first scientific and technical company to commercialize the digital high-power induction heating equipment. Compared with the induction heating production line imported from foreign countries, it is equipped with comprehensive advantages, including continuous rapid and stable operation, high temperature control precision, good thermal conformance, high productivity, improved intelligent protection and failure diagnosis, good product quality conformance, low purchase costs and operation costs, and convenient and rapid for commission, maintenance and spare parts, which make it more suitable for satisfying the domestic users’ demands for high-end induction heating equipment.

  • The advanced automatic variable frequency induction heating production line integrates power electronics, machinery, automatic control, industrial computer, intelligent technology, induction heating technology and other electromeehanieal integration technologies, which constitute the systematic solution. CONO is able to provide the customized variable frequency induction heating production line solution according to different demands of users.

  • High degrees of mechanization and automation: it has intelligent advantages of high degrees of power supply digitalization, precise temperature adjustment, variable frequency automatic tracking, variable load self-adaption, power automatic adjustment and others. It is operated by the “one-button”, i.e., current, voltage, speed and other pre-set parameters are input into the intelligent control system before production; then press one button to start, the heating shall be completed automatically. During the above process, operators are not required to be on duty and the automatic digital induction heating is realized.

  • Extremely high reliability for continuous operation: CONO IGBT variable frequency power supply is used for the induction heating production line and it is continuously operating for more than one year under the state of non-stop for 24 hours. During the process, there is no any failure occurring during multiple load variations (repeated switching between heavy load and light load) under non-stop state.

  • Adaptable to the flexible production of continuous automatic production line: frequently change steel of different specifications and types to adapt to different production technologies. The whole line empty and the technology adjustment are simple and fast, to satisfy demands for medium and large volume of production.

  • There is no interference between multiple sets of induction power supplies on the induction heating production line.

  • It may rapidly start within 0.2 seconds with any load (free load/full load) and at any temperature (cold state/thermal state) with the starting success rate of 100% and the repeated accuracy of 0.1%.

  • Temperature closed-loop control system: the infrared thermometer measures the heating temperature of blank at the outlet of induction furnace to monitor whether it is excessively heated or incompletely heated. After the temperature monitoring, finally signals shall be reported back to the working main engine of induction heating—the control system of CONO variable frequency power supply, and the power supply shall identify automatically according to the set technology requirements. When the blank temperature exceeds the targeted temperature range, the control system will automatically adjust the output power based on this set value and revise the power to control the blank temperature within the targeted range, which reduces production of unqualified products and guarantees the product quality conformance.

    In comparison, the traditional power supply and temperature closed-loop control system cannot correct the temperature departure of the blank after receiving the feedback of temperature control signal, and thus the power supply cannot achieve automatic matching, and can only adjust power/temperature by manual operation or select from high and low temperature by virtue of this temperature signal because such signal cannot participate in the power control of the power supply.

  • Customized selection system of blank heating technologys: users may receive and store corresponding processing technical parameters, and then preset relevant technical standards for future use based on different types of billets being processed and through technical adjustment. The standard data size of storage is 50 sets of technologys, but with CONO intelligent control system, the capability to store infinite data can be achieved. After determining the dimension of the billet, it can choose a corresponding preset technical parameter for startup and operation, and minimize manual adjustment, which cooperates with CONO Temperature Closed-loop Control System achieving heated billets with high quality conformance.

    The customized selection system of heating technologys bases on the acquisition of precise technical parameters and excellent power supply performance, whereas the traditional power supply is neither capable to acquire precise parameters nor entitled with functions such as fully automatic variable frequency/variable load/power adjustment, and thus cannot actually achieve technical selection function.

  • Even heating temperature, high precision of temperature control and minor temperature departure: CONO Series-connected Variable frequency Power Supply can directly and precisely detect the changes of load current readily, and thus achieve closed-loop control of output power and maintain a constant output power and stable temperature even though the external voltage fluctuates. The control precision for the product heating temperature is extremely high and temperature difference of the core meter is low. Therefore, it also prevents occurrence of blank bonding and oxidation and decarbonization and finally improves the product quality.

Protection of furnace inwall forging

  • In addition to the perfect protection function of CONO variable frequency induction quenching and high temperature tempering equipment, aiming at the induction quenching and high temperature tempering industry, the furnace inwall forging protection function is also specially developed. When the induction furnace coil has been worn and aged, the insulation layer shall peel off, which may lead to friction and sparking between billet and induction furnace, then result in damages to the power supply. CONO Fully-automatic Variable frequency Power Supply possesses reliable protection function of furnace inwall forging, and users may also customize the failure display function of furnace inwall forging protection regarding each individual item.

Intelligent control system

  • Intelligent control system: an intelligent and customized operational monitoring system bases on the design of CONO digital platform. The energy management system specially developed by CONO, based on sophisticated management of high energy consumption in the industry of induction forging and diathermy, can monitor and record energy consumption of each furnace and total energy consumption in batch to effectively calculate and control the production cost.

  • Quality monitoring system and quality traceability function; real time monitoring/remote control of operating; failure self-diagnose/online display and treatment; Technology customization and technical parameter control.