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Intelligent air-cooled IGBT variable frequency induction heating power supply with high precision

  • Application fields: pre-heating before welding, post-welding heat treatment, anti-corrosion painting of pipeline, welding of nonferrous metals, and preheating and stress relief system.
  • Power: 30KW, 50KW, 80KW, 100KW, 160KW.
  • Frequency: variable frequency self-adaption within a range from 0.2 to 20KHZ

Function characteristics

  • Continuous long-term working system.

  • Selective power air cooling/self-cooling with no need for external connection to cooling water.

  • Portable type, applicable to be used in outdoors/indoors site and to be moved by methods of push-and-pull or swing, etc.

  • Integrated design of power and load with no alternative capacitor cabinet in requirements, and accessible upon start with high energy-efficiency.

  • Open design of induction coils: Manual switch inductor adopted for the convenience of installation.

  • Variable frequency/Variable load self-adaption: the diameter, length, temperature of steel tube and depth of heating layer and alteration of induction coils may cause extreme changes of load and even free load of induction coils, CONO variable frequency power supply has the function of variable frequency/load self-adaption, which requires no further adjustment of the power supply (no need to open the door of power cabinet) after load changes and always maintains optimal matching between the power supply and the workpiece, including free load operation.

  • Power automatic adjustment: within a stepless adjustment range of 10% to 100%, strong linkage between power and temperature exists, and by power and temperature auto-controling system can achieve the precise and stable control of heating temperature.

  • At any temperature and with any load (with load/free load), the starting speed is 0.2s with the starting success rate of 100%.

  • Advanced temperature control technology: excellent coordination of built-in intelligent control system and external thermocouple/infrared thermometer feedback can facilitate the regulation of power-time parameters and contribute to rapid temperature rise and even heating.

  • Curves of fully automatic and visual technology: customers may freely set current-time and power-time technical curves. Capable to satisfy different manufacturing technology requirements of users.

  • 8-route temperature control module: the system comes with 8-route temperature thermocouple monitoring interface and can display temperature and control by multiple points as well as record and save. 8-route temperature control module adopts aviation connector assembly, convenient to be removed and transported by users.

  • Three methods of temperature control: free type, mean type and specified type available to be freely switched by users. The free type of temperature control controls the hottest thermocouple during heating and the coolest thermocouple during cooling; the mean type controls the mean temperature of the multiple-route thermocouple during heating; the specified type controls any specified thermocouple during heating.

  • External operating handles are provided: the power-on, outage, heating, pause and manual power setting can all be operated by external operating handles, which is convenient for the operation of users. The operating handles adopt aviation connector assembly convenient to be removed and transported by users.

  • Fully automatic high power factor control: no matter what kind of power, the power factor is always maintained between 0.90 and 0.95.

Intelligent protection system

  • Personnel protection: variable frequency power supply has taken ground measures by possession of charged shells, which can prevent from static electricity/electric leakage to cause any damage to people. Safe isolation transformers are adopted inside the power supply to effectively cut the current loop between the power system and the indicator.

  • Equipment protection: it possesses safe ground protection function, and the ground protection device can immediately give a protection signal and cuts off the power to prevent from any damage to the equipment and steel pipes when the steel contacts the induction coils; the output line disconnects for protection and the inductor is under the opening and closing protection. When the power supply confronts emergency, the output power should be immediately prohibited to ensure that the equipment is not damaged and is in possession of DC overcurrent, DC overvoltage, AC overcurrent, overload protection and overhigh/overlow frequency protection. No damage to the diode permanently; IGBT topspeed protection.

Intelligent control system

  • Industrial touch panel display and communicational interface; all data and operations of power supply can be accomplished by touch panel, which can precisely show the temperature, power, voltage, current, frequency and other parameters in the operating state. Operating parameters setting, operating state and failure monitoring are all shown by graphical interfaces. Standard configuration of industrial communicational interfaces RS485, RS232 and CAN, in support of the standard MODBUS-RTU agreement.

  • An intelligent and customized operational monitoring system is based on the design of CONO digital platform. The built-in power energy monitoring system can conduct the online monitoring of voltage, current, power factor, harmonic content, active power, reactive power, energy consumption and other functions.

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