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Fully automatic and intelligent IGBT variable frequency parallel-connected induction power supply

  • Technical parameters: 100KW-2000KW, 0.2KHZ-50KHZ, power factor >0.93
  • Application fields: production line for quenching and high-temperature tempering, diathermy, quenching, smelting, etc.

Function characteristics

  • Variable frequency self-adaption: after the technical adjustment and load changes, no further manual intervention for power adjustment by opening the door of cabinet is required, and the power frequency automatically tracks and converts to the optimal harmonic frequency of loads. Variable frequency self-adaption is within a range of 50KHZ.

  • Variable load self-adaption: after the technology is adjusted and the load is changed, the power automatically matches the load to its optimal operating state to achieve high conformance of productivity and quality as well as reliable equipment.

  • Automatic power adjusting: stepless adjustment ranging from 10% to 100%. The power and the temperature of CONO fully-automatic and digital IGBT variable frequency induction power supply have a strong linkage, by means of the power and temperature auto-controling system, can achieve a precise and stable control of heating temperature.

  • High power factor: with the parallel-connected wave cutting technology being adopted and any matching load, and under the case of a power output from 10% to 100%, the power factors are always higher than 0.93 requiring no individual power compensation device, which not only reduces equipment investment and enables users to cut electric charges together with enhancing power supply capability, reducing higher harmonics and improving power quality.

  • It may rapidly start within 0.2 seconds with any load (free load / full load) and at any temperature with the starting success rate of 100% and the repeated accuracy of 0.1%.

  • Output mode of constant power: output power does not vary as the temperature of workpiece varies.

High reliability

  • Intelligent protection system: the special protection technology for diode is adopted with no burning-out of the diode permanently. It adopts IGBT topspeed protection technology to prolong the service life of IGBT; transformer original side, capacitor and output bus are under arcing protection; the workpiece or steel also is contacting with inductor under the arcing protection (ground protection). Users may also select a customized power protection solution in conformity with all kinds of operating conditions.

  • DSP digital control device has parameters intrinsic to the procedures with no effect of environmental change on internal parameters. Digital power has advantages of high stability / rapid transmission / high precision / convenience of technical adjustment and so on with individual main control panel, which guarantees high integration and few failure points.

  • It selects internationally famous brands of components and parts and fully optical fiber transmission of signals to prevent from interruption and ensure a more stable operation of power.

  • Excellent resistance to voltage fluctuation: product quality will not be affected when voltage fluctuates between 350V and 440V with output power fluctuation of ±1‰.

Intelligent control system

  • Industrial touch panel display or industrial personal computer.

  • Quality monitoring system and quality traceability function: it may effectively record all events generated during the operating process, including operations, data parameters, failures, alerts, product batch number, operator number and so on in the form of database, and analyze the reasons and improvement solutions of quality problems according to quick-search history data and curves in the foregoing daily operational records.

  • Real time monitoring / Remote control of operating state: DSP processor conducts real time monitoring of operating state and parameters (such as voltage, current, power, frequency, temperature, etc.) of power, where these states can be connected to the center control network through interface RS485 inside the power, and then transmits the necessary parameters to other controllers (industrial personal computer, digital control system, laptop, local control desk, remote control room, etc.).

  • Failure self-diagnose / online display and treatment: when an alarm is given due to improper operation of operators or special operating condition, the touch display will show the contents of failure and one touch on corresponding supports for such failure can lead to solutions corresponding to the failure, and the system can position precisely individual plate of IGBT to conduct failure monitoring and more than 90% of common failures can be quickly treated by operators, which greatly enhances productivity and reduces dependence on equipment manufacturer.

  • Technology customization and technical parameter control: CONO integrates the parameters of variable frequency power supply to the producing and manufacturing system and quality management and control system of users, which enables users or manufacturers of the main engines to alter the programming or formulate processing technologys pursuant to the technical requirements of processing; the power supply reserves a RS485 interface on the mainboard, which enables to print or download technical parameters recorded in the system during any course of processing at any time for alteration and comparison.

  • Power energy monitoring: by virtue of monitoring records of incoming line voltage, power factor, and energy consumption of single piece and batch workpiece total entergy consumption, production cost can be effectively calculated and controlled.

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