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CONO intelligent induction heating equipment and advanced technology

  • Precision of induction heating and smelting equipment determines the technical capacity and further affects the processing precision, quality and conformance of the final product. The technical capacity of the domestic users is based on multi-year experience in application and operation of the imported equipment, and their technology gradually improves and reaches the advanced international level. The difference between the domestic induction heating industry and the overseas industry mainly relies on the equipment level. The technologist conducts the technical adjustment based on the capacity of equipment. The traditional induction heating and smelting equipment satisfies the users’ demands on power and frequency, but fails to satisfy the complex systematic requirement of the advanced induction heating technology on the equipment.

The core device of induction heating and smelting equipment--induction heating power supply

  • Induction heating power supply is the working main engine for workpiece/steel heating. In Europe and America, it is a frequency converter in induction heating field, which is a universal heating device with multipurpose applications (quenching/quenching and high-temperature tempering/diathermy/smelting). The main function of the induction power supply is to provide energy of different frequency and different power for the heated workpieces and steel to complete induction heating and smelting process, in order to reach the set technical requirements.
  • Variable frequency/variable load self-adaption (automatic load matching) and automatic power adjustment functions are the fundamental core functions of the internationally advanced induction power supply, which determine heating quality and efficiency of workpieces/steel, temperature control precision and speed, energy consumption and other performance indicators.
  • Full-automatic induction power supply core technology guarantees high reliability of induction heating and smelting equipment, production process repeatability and product quality conformance, which are the mark of the internationally recognized advanced technology and high-end product.
  • At present, the main difference between the domestic traditional induction heating equipment and the internationally advanced one is the technical difference in induction heating powersupply. No matter IGBT (transistor) or KGPS (thyristor) power supply, they have fallen behind the internationally advanced technology for twenty years.

The application field of induction heating power supply

  • For the widely application of the internationally advanced induction heating power supply in different fields, based on the successful research and development of the full-automatic variable frequency technology (temperature control precision/automatic load matching/intelligent protection), there are differences only in the installation method (vertical type/horizontal type/split type/integrated type/fixed type/movable type) and cooling method (water cooling/air cooling), etc., while for the temperature span, frequency self-adaption, load self-adaption, automatic power adjustment and other fundamental core performance of the induction power supply, they are basically consistent.
  • The domestic traditional induction power supply always fails to come across application in different fields related to quenching/quenching and high-temperature tempering/diathermy/smelting, etc.; even for heating of workpieces or billets of different specifications and materials in the same field, its application is not universal. The universal equipment becoming the so-called special machine is caused by falling behind the internationally advanced induction power supply multi-generation technology.
  • The core technology of CONO full-automatic variable frequency power supply is mainly reflected by the unique advantage in the application field, namely, provision of solutions related to the whole factory. No matter for pre-heating, drying, quenching, quenching and high-temperature tempering, diathermy and smelting application, or rods and wires, wires, plates, tubes, special workpieces and metal of different specifications and materials, the corresponding high-end solution can be provided for all application related to induction heating and smelting field. And be compatible with all kinds of overseas and domestic induction heating equipment (including control system/mechanical device). There are about one hundred sets of high-end CONO induction power supply operating reliably in all kinds of domestic application fields. The internationally renowned induction heating equipment manufacturer has successfully realized the overall breakthrough of the induction power supply application field in the 20th century. So far, CONO power supply has been synchronous with the internationally advanced level.

Advanced technology

  • Select the technology and equipment schemes with the optimum matching according to different product structures and production methods. Through effective operation control on the automatic induction heating and smelting equipment and human-machine interaction, adjust all the variable factors of the induction heating equipment to realize the best matching between the power supply and the load, satisfy the technical parameters requirements of the processed workpieces/steel and acquire the complete effect of all the technical parameters changes’ influence on the product quality and the production efficiency. The advanced technical management systems include:
  • Medium-large batches and few specifications/single specification highly efficient production technical designs

  • Small-medium batches and multi-specification flexible production technical designs

  • Precise display/collection/storage/analysis/setting of technical parameters

  • Technical adjustment and optimization

  • Real-time monitoring of the technical process

  • Technical stability/conformance warranty and failure protection

  • Establishment of technical model

  • Formulation of technical procedures

  • Establishment of the technical selection system

  • Technical repeatability and traceability management

  • CONO will assist users to master the whole technical chain through perfect coordination between the automatic induction equipment (automatic adjustment/self-adaption/automatic control) and the advanced technical technology to manufacture high-end products with high quality conformance.