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CONO fully automatic intelligent power supply core technology

  • Full-automatic intelligent power supply core technology guarantees high reliability of induction heating and smelting equipment, production process repeatability and product quality conformance, which are the mark of the internationally recognized advanced technology and high-end product. And realize high production efficiency, quality stability, conformance and equipment reliability.

Variable frequency self-adaption

After the technology is adjusted and the load is changed, no further manual intervention for power adjustment by opening the door of the equipment cabinet is required, and the power frequency automatically tracks and converts to the optimal harmonic frequency of loads. Variable frequency self-adaption within a range of 50KHZ

Variable load self-adaption

After technology adjustment and load changes, the power supply shall automatically match with the load to the optimal working status.

Automatic power adjustment

The power shall automatically adjust according to load changes, with the stepless adjustment range of 10%-100%. There is no need to manually adjust power or control power depending on the outside. Co-movement among power, temperature and load of CONO full-automatic intelligent IGBT variable frequency induction power supply is extremely strong, and precise and stable control over the heating temperature is realized through the auto-controling system of power, temperature and load.

Fully automatic control of high power factor

Under the condition of any load matching and 10%-100% power output, the power factor always exceeds 0.95 and the independent power compensation device is not required.

Automatic voltage adjustment system

CONO power supply has good voltage fluctuation resistance property (build-in function), which ensures the network voltage fluctuation range is within ±15% (such as 350-440V) and the output power fluctuation range is ±1‰, without effect on processing precision and product quality.

Real-time online energy monitoring

CONO full-automatic intelligent induction power supply is specially customized for the technical personnel in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, which has the customization function and is able to realize processing technology customization through human-machine interaction system. 1,300 data per second (the actually collected data quantity) really realizes the real-time online energy monitoring.