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CONO intelligent protection system

  • Based on DSP processor inside the power supply and CONO intelligent control system, the intelligent protection system is integrated to become real-time monitoring, failure self-diagnosis and intelligent protection system with the most perfect functions. Whose function is beyond the simulation platform and the external protection of the traditional induction power supply.
  • Reliability of the traditional thyristor power supply is much less than that of full-automatic variable frequency IGBT power supply with perfect protection. The traditional thyristor power supply is widely applied in China and even the mainboard and the main components and parts are manufactured by fixed several manufacturers. There has been not any breakthrough in the power supply technology. Its advantage lie in that most users are able to repair the common failures of the thyristor power supply by themselves and timely repair or replace components and parts even though failures occuring frequently. The internationally renowned induction heating equipment manufacturers, whether IGBT power supply or KGPS power supply, both are able to realize full-automatic variable frequency and perfect protection function. There is no comparison between these two types of products in reliability and technical performance.

Equipment protection

  • Diode shall not be damaged forever with its special protection function. IGBT driving topspeed protection technology is adopted to guarantee to the most extent IGBT is not burnt (CONO power supply is positioning precisely to conduct the failure monitoring on the single IGBT). Reliably protect IGBT module under short-circuit of output bus, inductor and capacitor, ignition and other severe working conditions.

    Diode of the traditional induction power supply, IGBT module (IGBT power supply) and thyristor (KGPS power supply) frequently get broken suddenly. The key reason is not components and parts aging but the poor adaptability of the traditional power supply to changes in load and loss of protection function based on the simulation platform.

  • There is a grounding safety protection device installing on the variable frequency power supply. Once the workpiece touches the inductor during the operation process, the grounding protection device shall be activated, and immediately outputs signals to cut off the power supply to stop the equipment operation and protect the workpiece and the inductor.

  • When there is emergency occurring, signals shall be sent instantly to ensure the power supply inverter forbids to output power and prevent the equipment from damages. The power supply has protection functions, including DC over-current protection, DC over-voltage protection, AC over-voltage protection, over-load protection, excessively high frequency protection, excessively low frequency protection, IGBT drive under-voltage protection, excessively high water pressure protection, excessively low water pressure protection, water temperature alarm protection and door switch protection, etc.

  • Intelligent protection and online failure display and failure self-diagnosis function: When an alarm is given due to improper operation of operators or special operating condition, the touch display will show the contents of failure and one touch on corresponding supports for such failure can lead to solutions corresponding to the failure.

Personnel protection

  • The closed power supply cabinet has the door opening protection function

  • Safe isolation transformers are adopted within the power supply to effectively cut the current loop between the power system and the indicator.

  • Protective separation is realized between the analog quantity and digital quantity control I/O and the power supply device and the protection degree for personnel and equipment is relatively high.

  • Optical-fibre communications technology is applied between the controller and the power cell. The low-voltage part and high-voltage part are completely separated. The system has an extremely high security.

  • 36V safe mode commissioning

  • Grounding protection and furnace leakage protection

  • Remote control and alarm

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Intelligent and customized protection function: users are able to customize the protection functions according to all kinds of working conditions. The induction equipment control system is able to identify the failure type intelligently and realize minor failure not affecting operation and not resulting in shutdown and serious failure not damaging the equipment due to topspeed protection.