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CONO intelligent control system

  • CONO variable frequency power supply is based on the open intelligent system platform and there are built-in intelligent operational control system and quality management system realizeing perfect coordination between equipment and technology and “wisely manufacture” high-end induction heating and smelting equipment with excellent quality conformance and ultra-strong equipment reliability.
  • The traditional induction heating power supply is based on the simulation platform, whose operation system and the external energy monitoring make the traditional power supply have the relatively low participation degree, and therefore, control over high precision and high reliability cannot be realized.

Human-machine interaction system

The industrial touch panel display or the industrial personal computer is adopted; take advantage of this system to precisely master all real-time operation state information and realize rich operation control function settings.

Quality monitoring system and quality traceability function

It may effectively record all events generated during the operating process, including operations, data parameters, guarantees, alerts, product batch number, operator number and so on in the form of database. And it can analyze the reasons and improvement solutions of quality problems according to quick-search history data and curves in the foregoing daily operational records.

Operation state real-time monitoring/remote control

DSP processor conducts the real-time monitoring on the operation state and parameters of the power supply (real-time online energy monitoring on voltage, current, frequency and temperature, etc.). 1,300 data per second (the actually collected data quantity) really realizes the real-time online energy monitoring. These states can be directly connected with the central control network through RS485 interface inside the power supply and then transmit the required parameters to other controllers (industrial personal computer, digital control system, laptop, local control desk, remote control room, etc.).

Fault self-diagnostic function/online display and processing

When an alarm is given due to improper operation of operators or special operating condition, the touch display will show the contents of failure and one touch on corresponding supports for such failure can lead to solutions corresponding to the failure. It enables operators to rapidly settle more than 90% of common failures, which greatly enhances productivity and reduces the dependence on skill level of the operator. It can precisely position one individual IGBT to conduct failure monitoring.

Technology customization and technical parameter control

CONO integrates the parameters of variable frequency power supply to the producing and manufacturing system and quality monitoring system of users. Users or manufacturers of the main engines may alter the programming or formulate processing technology pursuant to the technical requirements of processing. The power supply reserves a RS485 interface on the mainboard. Thus you can print or download technical parameters recorded in the system during any course of processing for alteration and comparison at any time.