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High-end Application

CONO is based on fully automatic intelligent high-end induction heating technology, and in possession of excellent strength of high-end application solution such as high precision, great difficulty, high reliability and low energy efficiency, etc. in wide fields. CONO’s high-end application is not only limited to the following usages, but also includes more high-end applications with strict technical requirements, thus please contact the engineering technicians of CONO for more applications.


  • Double-frequency and double-position quenching. 1 set of power supply equipped with 1 set of double-position machining tool achieves an automatic switch quenching between two completely different frequencies (variable frequency between 4 and 30 KHZ self-adaption), which is equal to two sets of quench machining tools / power supplies at completely different frequencies in operation.

    Conformance of quenched zone, surface hardness and layer depth of the constant velocity universal joint has reached internationally advanced level.

  • Stepped shaft / reducing shaft quenching. 1 set of load with constant output power of the power source, for a realization of one-time quenching of a shaft with variable diameters, the quenching layer at the stepping location is continuous, with even and consistent hardened depth.

  • IGBT high power quenching power supply (500-1500kw). Full-band (frequency range from 0.2-10KHZ) and full-power output; high reliability and low failure rate (topspeed IGBT protection / no burning-out of diode).

  • IGBT high-frequency quenching.Frequency from 50 to 150KHZ, power between 50 and 200kw, the hardening layer is 0.6-1mm deep, starting speed measured in milliseconds, repeated accuracy of 1%, output power fluctuates by ±1%, and the hardened layer distributed in the shape of profile modeling.

  • Special quenching used by profile modeling (ultrasonic / high-frequency). Applicable to be used by gear profile modeling with high-precision, and achieves the simultaneous hardness of tooth groove and tooth surface, even and consistent hardened depth, and 60% of profile modeling rate.

  • Large-scale intelligent quenching with high-precision.1,300 data per second (the actually collected data quantity) indeed realizes the real-time online energy monitoring for the intelligent management control system. High conformance in batch (one piece’s quality is in conformance with that of 10,000 pieces).

  • Small-scale and multiple-variety flexible quenchingIts power performance, based on the open platform compatible with multiple varieties, achieves 1 set of power supply to be matched with multiple sets of machining tools / loads (with no need for power supply adjustment) to process multiple varieties of workpieces with multiple dimensions.

  • Upgrading and updating of domestic and overseas induction quenching power supply. Its open platform is compatible with multiple varieties, automatically matches with original machining tool / load / digital control system to achieve the great and comprehensive improvement of the equipment.

  • Upgrading and updating of bent axle quenching power supply. Seamless compatibility with Siemens 840D digital control system; zero interference among multiple sets of power supplies, 100% starting success rate and highly consistent starting time of multiple sets of power supplies and no quenching leakage of main journals / connecting rod neck; high reliability and low failure rate (topspeed IGBT protection / no burning-out of diode) of the power supply; high heating efficiency.

High precision intelligent controllable welding pre-heating and post-heating / painting for anti-corrosion

  • Controllable heating time: measured in seconds with controllable heating up speeds (heating time may be preset as required by users).

  • Controllable heating temperature: the temperature control system automatically adjusts output power to maintain the temperature at the set one (constant temperature control).

  • Fully automatic high power factor (0.95): applicable to the operating conditions of electric generator / electric grid fluctuation.

  • Selective air cooling / self cooling.

  • Multipoint temperature control with the precision of temperature measure of 0.5% and the precision of temperature control of 0.5%.

  • Laser welding / online welding preheating / post-heating: the air cooling power supply is applicable to continuous operation with high precision of control, high reliability of power, and rapid heating speed and achieves the precision of temperature measure of 0.5%, precision of temperature control of 0.5%, closed-loop control of temperature, high temperature evenness / conformance and zero damage to the surface plating of workpieces.

Sheet / steel belt / steel wire sophisticated rapid online heating (pre-heating / temperature raising / temperature compensating)

  • Temperature closed-loop: precision of temperature control is 0.5% with good temperature evenness

  • High reliability for continuous operation

  • Output power fluctuates by ±1% and high product conformance

  • Speed of heating: measured in seconds and controllable (heating time may be preset as required by users)

Quenching and high-temperature tempering

  • Temperature closed-loop: precision of temperature control is ±1C.

  • Little deformation

  • Convenient and rapid commissioning

  • Dramatic improvement in the yield

  • One machine available for multiple usages: 1 set of power can be applied to the heating of multiple induction furnaces and billets

  • High reliability

  • Self-adaption on heavy-load, light-load and free load with the last blank being removed and no waste material

Fully automatic intelligent forging / diathermy

  • Energy-saving and cost-reducing: low consumptions per ton and saves energy by 10-30% of the traditional induction diathermy equipment; start / stop with vacant furnace and the last blank being removed and without any waste material / electricity waste. High energy-efficiency and instant start and stop with no energy consumption during the interval of production.

  • High reliability: induction power supply continuously operates for 12 months without any failure; unique furnace inwall forging protection to prevent the power supply from damages due to spark between the billet and the induction furnace.

  • Rapid startup at any temperature (cold state / thermal state) and with any load (full load / free load)

  • Dramatic improvement in productivity / production efficiency

  • No individual idle work for compensation is needed with high power factor of 0.95.

  • Heat preservation function: when forging and pressing stops, the machine can be maintained in ready mode to minimize the damage of waste materials.

  • Fully automatic one machine for multiple usages: 1 set of power supply is applicable to match with various induction furnaces and billets of different dimensions, and the matching is fully automatic with no need to adjust power and capacitance and no damage to the power.

  • Short heating up time of the cooling furnace and rapid material preparation.

  • Precise temperature control, highly precise molding dimensions of forged pieces, with long service life of mold.

Sophisticated heating of nonferrous metals

  • Rapid heating: short heat-up time for rapid temperature rises of aluminum products with starting time being measured in seconds and high evenness of heating temperature.

  • Induction heating of semisolid metal forming: continuous, rapid and even heating.

  • No individual idle work for compensation is needed with high power factor of 0.95.